Film about Charlotta Öfverholm

Premiere March 16 2019


 A film about an extraordinary artist – Charlotta Öfverholm.

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For two years, filmmaker Anders J Larsson and his camera followed Charlotta Öfverholm. The result is an inspiring film about a woman and her raison d’être: dance.

She is a rare force of nature, a woman who refuses to impose limits on herself or her art.

Charlotte Öfverholm’s entire adult life, as well as a large part of her childhood and early years, has been filled with dance and everything that comes in its train. She has worked as performer and choreographer with with some of the world’s most renowned artists, enthralling both them and her audience. She sees herself as continuously striving to achieve perfection; others see her as wild and beautiful, bizarre and intoxicating. A workaholic imbued with heart and unconquerable forcefulness, whose commanding scenic presence is welcome in the US, France, the Czech- Republic, and Germany. And even in her home country Sweden, where she is sometimes perceived as something of a rare bird – as far from that country’s vaulted virtues of moderation and prudence as it is possible to get – she enjoys a devoted following.

She has run her own dance company, choreographed countless dance scenes and been an inspired teacher. Her body is her closest friend. She has cared for it to the best of her ability but always challenged it to the limit. Although not immune to the wear and tear that full-time dancers unrelentingly subject themselves to – at the age of 50 her hip joint is now made of titanium – her will of steel remains as unbending as ever. Many of her peers gave up dancing a long time ago. But how can you stop doing something that is central to your very way of being? 


Screenplay, Direction,
Photography & Film editing:

Anders J Larsson

Sound and assistance: 
Mia Kaasalainen

Alvina Lanselle
Lauri Antilla
Adel Andersson
Frank Sinatra
Yann Tiersen

Participants and Crew:
Charlotta Öfverholm
Christina Öfverholm
Lindy Larsson
Dwight Rhoden
Joseph Tmim
Michael Blake
Zvi Gotheiner
Max Stone
Sverre Magnus Heidenberg
Igal Perry
Jordi Cortes
Mia Crusoe
Ewa Heidvall
Amos Pinhasi


Archive material filmed by:
Bengt Wanselius
Håkan Larsson
Eytan Sivak
Miko Lazik
Per Breitenstein
S. Tielinen
Julien Desplantez
Anders J Larsson

Peridance students: 
Xavier Townsend
Ola Slavin
Petra Duskova