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Charlotta Öfverholm Jus de la Vie
Festival Fucking Burn It – Age on Stage, 20 years with Compagnie Jus de la Vie

8-17th of October 2015 at the Dance Museum

A Festival about these passionate people who never give up. After 30 years there is nothing more to prove. Only the strong longing to be themselves, to mold what means the most – to shake the world wordlessly, bottomless, and carefree. And they fucking burn for it.

20 years anniversary of Compagnie Jus de la Vie. 10 days of celebrating still being on stage. Performances, prize winning dance films, photo exhibition, classes, panel discussions and seminar about age on stage. Grande finale gala performance with artists from Batsheva, Forsythe, The Royal Swedish Ballet, DV8, Complexions, Farm in the Cave and Jus de la Vie.

The festival includes:

  • Performances: LUCKY, ANTITHESIS and PAS DE DEUX SANS TOI by Öfverholm, Rhoden, Cortes.
  • Films: DV8 Physical Theatre, Farm in The Cave, Alta Rea-litat, Anders J. Larsson. 
  • Classes: with Laura Bernasconi
  • Seminar & Discussions: Age On Stage. Talks about transcending the traditional conventions and expectations on dance and age.
  • Grand finale Gala Performance at RIVAL  Performers with over 25 years of stage experiences from Forsythe, DV8, The Royal Swedish Ballet, Complexions, Batsheva, Farm in the Cave and Jus de la Vie.
  • Participating Artists: Desmond Richardson (USA), Amancio Gonzalez (DE), Jordi Cortes (ES), Dwight Rhoden (USA), Wendy Hoostoun (UK), Talia Paz (IS), Hana Varadzinova (CZ), Eliska Vavrikova (CZ), Dragos Mihalcea (ROU), Marie Lindqvist, Jan- Erik Wikström, Lindy Larsson, Lauri Antila, James Friedman, Tobias Hallgren and Charlotta Öfverholm (S).
  • In collaboration with: the Dance Museum/Dansmuséet, Stockholm(S).


During 20 years Cie Jus de la Vie has created a number of production collaborations that have been performed in Sweden and internationally. Jus de la Vie has provided strongly to a rich international exchange regarding the Swedish dance platform, and has contributed as a Swedish representative abroad both artistically and pedagogically.

Summary of the previous 20 years
– Toured 22 countries.
– Created 36 productions.
– Initiated 32 co-operations with theatres and choreographers.
– Involved circa 60 dancers, singers, light and costume designers, musicians, film makers, scenographers.
– Price winner as the best dance/solo artist in Germany: “Beste Deutsche Tanzsolo” in Euro Scene Leipzig. Öfverholm was also nominated to the “Thalia Prize” in Prague, Czech Republic.
– Created three productions with integrated dance for people with learning differences.
– Done workshops and taught in 20 countries.


300 years of experience from performing arts and dance will gather during Festival Fucking Burn It-Age on Stage. The festival will illuminate the best of performative dance knowledge from an international perspective through high quality of movement, storytelling, and music. Festival Fucking Burn It- Age on Stage! will celebrate and bring forward respected performers who, during 30 years, have been artistic creators with a solid life experience.

A photo exchibition at the restaurang at Dansmuseet curated by Håkan Larsson with pictures from several photographers from Compagnie Jus de la Vies former productions

Pas de deux sans toi by Charlotta Öfverholm and Jordi Cortes with Lindy Larsson and Charlotta Öfverholm
– Antithesis by Dwight Rhoden with Dragos Mihalcea and Charlotta Öfverholm
– LUCKY by and with Charlotta Öfverholm

Prizewinning dance films:
-The cost of living,Enter Achilles, Strange Fish by DV8 Physical Theatre and Lloyd Newson.
-Coup de Graces by Jordi Cortes. Director Clara van Gool, co-production  Key Film, NL and Alta Realitas ES.
-Waiting Room by Farm in the Cave, Viliam Docolomansky Czech Republic
-The documentary ”Lucky” by Anders J. Larsson about Charlotta Öfverholm

Grand finale Galaperformance
The Galaperformance is with performers from Forsythe, Complexions, Farm in the Cave, Batsheva, the Royal Swedish Ballet and Jus de la Vie: Wendy Houstoun (GB), Desmond Richardson (US), Amancio Gonzalez (DE), Jordi Cortes (ES), Rob Tannion (AU), Hana Varadzinova, Eliska Vavrikova (CZ), Talia Paz (IS), Lauri Antila, James Friedman, Dragos Mihalcea, Lindy Larsson, Tobias Hallgren and Charlotta Öfverholm (S)

Seminars and audience talks Age on stage
A seminar about the relevance of and attitudes on age in the society, the labor market, and culture in general, and specifically about age on stage as a dancer, performer and creator. A blind spot in the current cultural debate that the seminar wants to illuminate. The interest from related organisations abroad is great, which provides the seminar more depth and knowledge.

Charlotta Öfverholm Jus de la Vie
Lynn – Portrait of a woman

2004 -2012

In her twisted character we meet a person who has been through it all In what way does she face life’s exploits? Or does she at all?
Absurd, comical and cunning
A woman who is affecting and lets herself get affected.

Brutal, intense, ironic physical/dance theatre

Öfverholms strong integrity, technique and sense of style……Lynn creates beauty that touches until the end… Lena Andrén

…intensity, banality, burlesque … Regie Nordström
…the explosivity, absolute stage presence and fearse physical theatre power that Charlotta Öfverholm owns… Örjan Abrahamsson, DN

If anyone asked Charlotta Öfverholm to throw herself off a steep in a performance, she would do it. She is one of those stage personalities that gives full gas from the beginning and then accelerates. Spicy, worth experiencing, a must see… Anna Ångström, SvD

Permance length: 55 minutes without intermission

concept and idea: Charlotta Öfverholm
choreography: Joseph TmimCharlotta Öfverholm
codirector: Stephen Rappaport
music: Amit Sen
lightdesign: Tobias Hallgren
costume and make-up: Sari Nuttunen
video: Per Breitenstein

Performers: Tobias Hallgren , Charlotta Öfverholm

Performance schedule:

Premiere 22nd of October 2004 at Moderna Dansteatern, Stockholm
Further performances:
Schwankhalle, Bremen April 2005
The I camp, Munich April 2005
Dans i Nord Lulea and Pitea October 2005
Martin Luther King Audt New York January 2006
Atalante Göteborg 28/11-1/12 2007
Madrid en Danza 21,22/4 2007
Moderna Dansteatern, Stockholm 8-11/5 2007
Preslova, Prague 31/5 2007
Norway/Halden 9-10/4 2008
Montevideo 25-26/11 2008
Buenos Aires 29/11,2-3/12 2008
Limassol, Cyprus 8/6 2009
Nicosia, Cyprus 11/6 2009
Venezuela November 2009
Piteå 21/1 2010
Olomouc, Chech republic 13/5 2010
FINTDAZ Chile 27-29/10 2010

Charlotta Öfverholm Jus de la Vie

A duet where the bodies and the meetings change between force and fragility, referring to the bite of the time. A loop of life that can start at any moment. A hard and relentless female heckling from tension to abandoness, remembering and letting go.

Duration: 35 -40 min
Two versions: as a solo or as a duet

“the plastic becomes a transparent partner, a shield or a hinder, but also something that sticks to you as old memories”…

”Attacks, falls, partnering…”Öfverholm throughs herself all over but succeeds even in the most expressive moments to find a controlled softness. The body floats in its decomposition with impressive movement quality” Anna Ångström/ Svd

“Hymne à l’apparition d’un moment de vie, afin d’y saisir l’amer et la saveur d’un instant volé aux souvenirs. Etat de corps baigné dans l’alternance poetique de l’ombre et la lumière. Les sources lumineuse varient d’intensité accumulent et complexifient les conditions de perceptions.
La chorégraphe interroge le corps souvenir, ses espaces intimes et sensibles. Temps suspendu, plaisir et désir s’unissent vers une forme d’introspection. Un corps qui résonnent les mot grattant le verni des souvenirs sans chronologie, dans un espace intemporel”

 Choreography and idea: Corinne Lanselle

Dance: Charlotta Öfverholm and Tobias Hallgren
Light design: Tobias Hallgren
Music: Alvina Lanselle
Film: Julien Desplantez

Performance dates:
Moderna Dansteatern, Stockholm
2010 September 24,25,27 at 20.00
September 26 and October 3 at 16.00
2011 October 25th at MJC Theatre Colombe Paris

Charlotta Öfverholm Jus de la Vie
Kody Zivota – the last forecast

That two choreographers collaborate on the same piece is rare, however Charlotta Öfverholm and Jordi Cortes found a burning subject that they wanted to present. Together they have created a gray apocalyptic cabaret- a piece of grotesque dance theater with five artists who try to survive in a society where the individual is banned.

The performance reveals a dictatorship. After its fall there is a kind of emptiness- What happens now ?? Under a dictatorship everyone must fit in,-not challenge or refuse. How are people when the masks are off? What do they want in life? How do they think? What will happen to them now that they are no longer a prisoner to the dictatorship? Without someone to tell them what to do will they be able to take on that roll for themselves?
Kody Zivota is Czech and means human codes.The performance is a burlesque arrangement with human behaviour.

…Kody Zivota/ the last forecast offers an inticing and destructive cabaret that feels deeply human… Lisa Boda 19/2

…Kody Zivota/the last forecast is an intelligent performance that questions boarders, both on a personal level as well as on a political level…Lena Andrén

Concept: Charlotta Öfverholm
Choregrapher/direction: Jordi Cortes and Charlotta Öfverholm
Music: James Friedman Lauri Antila
Performers: Charlotta ÖfverholmTobias HallgrenHenrik BäckbroJames Friedman and Lauri Antila

Performance dates:

Moderna Dans Teatern Stockholm February 2007
Divadlo Preslova, Prague, Farma May 2007
Mantova Danza Italy May 2008
Stanica,Zilina, Slovakia November 2008

Parkteatern Stockholm August 2008

Charlotta Öfverholm Jus de la Vie

Reflections of the culture of the sami people and the nature of Lapland.

Together with the musician, the Lappish singer Sofia Jannok, and the screenplayer Liselotte Wajstedt, Charlotta Öfverholm created a performance that touches, questions, and triggers.

The soul of the Samis. The barren nature. The way you relate to time – the reindeer decides the working efforts and the tempo. The Lappish song is a tool, a way to transmit thoughts and feelings.

The feeling of that life is vulnerable. It is here and now and it can end tomorrow.
The sami screenplayer Liselotte Wajstedt will put the audience directly among the reindeers.

Idea/concept: Charlotta Öfverholm

Film: Liselotte Wajstedt
Light design: Tobias Hallgren
Costume and mask: Sari Nuttunen
Choreography: Charlotta Öfverholm and Joseph Tmim
Music: Sofia Jannok, Peter Svenzon
Dancers: Adel Andersson, Elin Hallgren, Tobias Hallgren Charlotta Öfverholm, Sofia Jannok

Performance dates:
Premiere: 28 September 2008 Gällivare – Folkets Hus scen
September 30th 2008 Piteå
October 1st 2008 Jokkmokk
October 2nd 2008 Arjeplog
March 30st 2009 Luleå Kulturens Hus
March 31st 2009 Kiruna Folkets Hus
April 2nd 2009 Arvidsjaur Folkets Hus
Maracaibo, Venezuela November 2009
Dar es Salam Tanzania November 2010


Realized with subsidies from Statens Kulturråd, Stockholms Kulturförvaltning, Konstnärsnämnden

Compagnie Jus de la Vie in cooperation with Dans i Nord

Sofia Jannok, born 1982 in Gällivare.
”Sofia Jannok’s singing goes right into your heart, fills your eyes with tears of joy, and makes your face smile happily.” A critique from the Swedish newspaper Örnsköldsviks Allehanda ‘07.
Sofia Jannok gets her inspiration from expanses, people, and meetings between these. The influences come from pop, jazz, and folk ballads. Sofia writes her lyrics mostly in her mother tongue Lappish, since this is nearest to her heart. The tones move between the mysticism of the northern lights, and the safe embrace of the fire. As a live artist Sofia Jannok has a wide experience from concerts both in and outside of Sápmi, xx. Beijing, Paris, and Pajala are an extract from the tour calendar ‘07. During spring ‘08 she has, among others, toured the Nordic countries with the Beaivvas Sámi Teahter. In autumn ‘08 Sofia Jannok is releasing a new single from the coming album ássogáttis/by the embers together with her ordinary band Peter Tikkanen Trio.

Liselotte Wajstedt is a screenplayer and an artist. She creates screenplays, short films, art films, music videos, and documentaries. Her debut was the experimental road movie documentary “Sámi nieida jojk”, 58 min ’07, screened in the Nordic countries, and on film festivals around the world, and was chosen to compete by Nordiskt Panorama ’07.“Kiruna – Rymdvägen 1”  is done in cooperation with Filmpool Nord, SVT (Swedish Television), Svenska filminstitutet (Swedish film institute), producers Anna G Magrnusdottir and Kungliga konsthögskolan (Royal School of Arts).

Peter Svenzon, composer and music producer, has made the music to SVT’s series Alla är bäst, to 25 dance pieces, to jazz electronic group Subharmonic orchestra, and to dance films. Peter has produced, written music, and cooperated with among others the following artists; Interactive crew (Paris), Freestyle ifrån Arsonist, and Jeru the Damaja (New York), Looptroop (Sweden). Peter represented the city of Göteborg with three different pieces at the art festival Art Genda, Hamburg.

Jus de la Vie
Ring of Fire

Comissioned work for NORRDANS Sweden
A duo about broken hearts. About love that breaks because life ends.

Choreography: Charlotta Öfverholm
Dancers: Erik Constantin and Kristian Refslund
2nd cast Aurelien Drougge and Cesar Garcia


Charlotta Öfverholm Jus de la Vie
Happy Birthday

A relationship
Humoristic and absurd

Choreography: Joseph Tmim
Music: Harald WeissGavin Bryars
Text: Charlotta ÖfverholmJoseph Tmim
Dance: Charlotta ÖfverholmTobias Hallgren
Costume: Sari Nuttunen
Light: Tobias Hallgren

performance length: 24 min

“You can see that Tmim has specially designed the piece for Öfverholm. She can use her whole spectra in this a bit pathetic portrait of a woman that crashlanded in the society and no longer has the power to cover up her loneliness and her unbalanced soul against her crazy outbreaks or piles of telephonecatalogues. Her body is long, chewy and bendy as an arrow, her face has a clowns expressions.
The meetings with her partner Tobias Hallgren, are short. He is dreams and memories, intriguingly close and with a turned away distance. In one sequence they dance parallel in a dense breath that increases into an unsyncronized pulse.” 2003-11-20

Performance dates:

premiered at Moderna Dansteatern/ Stockholm 2003
Toured to Schwankhalle/ Bremen, CCL/Linz, Bytom/ Poland, Havana/Cuba, Riverside Church/ New York, Lillan/Luleå, Mantova Danza/Italy 2003-2008

Jus de la Vie
How come?

9 people, in a hall on a train station. One is waiting for the train to arrive, the second one for food to arrive, the third waiting to be recognized, the forth waiting for love, and the fifth waiting for her lover to die. 

In How Come? we follow 9  lifes and how their destinies in the end are connecting. A “Short cuts” spiced with Beckett in a dancetheatrecostume with seven dancers and singers and two musicians in a tragicomical story about life and what we all are waiting for, either we want it or not, death.

”…Jus de la Vie invites with a sense of contrasts and a trip that uses the room and the individuals. It´s raw, it´s funny. …the temperaments squeeze the last drops out of the bodies. Worth experiencing!” (Svenska Dagbladet 2003-10-19)

Choreography: Charlotta Öfverholm

Music: Franz Flieger Stögner, James Friedman, Lauri Antila
Dance: Adriana Savin, Mia Lored Joelsson, Victoria Cedergren, Maria Holmqvist, Anna Weg, Maurice Causey, Lindy Larsson
Light: Tobias Hallgren

Performance dates:
October 2003 at Moderna Dansteatern Stockholm
CCL, Linz May 2004,
Schwankhalle, Bremen May 2004
Bytom, Poland July 2004

Jus de la Vie
Found and Lost

The only thing you have control over is yourself!

Choreography: Charlotta Öfverholm (SWE)
Dancers: Veronika Kotlíková, Tereza Ondrová (CZ)

VerTeDance Company Prague

Öfverholm is not afraid of expressivity, neither as a performer nor as a choreographer: she puts serious scenes right before or after the humorous ones, she approaches dance as a theatrical means, she works with spoken word and singing, she builds up the atmosphere with music, she stresses the characters by means of costumes… And VerTeDance are just perfect performers for her piece.“ (A2, Jana Bohutínská)

“The meeting of Veronika Kotlíková and Tereza Ondrová with Charlotta Öfverholm meant a huge step for VerTeDance, a step in a field perfectly mastered by Charlotta: the field of expression, expressivity, and caricature. It seems to me that in Found and Lost Charlotta lost VerTeDance and found it.“ Jana Návratová,

“Frolicking, wild and slapstick-like scenes merging with aggression towards the audience. One of the most outstanding accomplishments on Czech dance scene.” (Vojtěch Varyš, Tý, 17. 5. 2011)

“The show was genuinely lively, entertaining and disturbing at the same time… Definitely among the most interesting that has ever been created within Czech dance scene.” TÝDEN.CZ

Premiere May 2011. Touring all over Europe since then.

Duet 45 min.


Jus de la Vie
The Universal Solvent

Water- the symbol of the soul and the prime substance of the universe. Inspired by the forces of nature and by Masaru Emotos experiments of how water reacts on words, music, prayers and emotions.


Första akten avslutas av min personliga favorit för kvällen: svenska Charlotta Öfverholm, som släpat in ett stycke is i fonden, och låter dansarna börja med en megamaffig, effektfull smäll. Sjukt snyggt på det där “här ska skåpet stå”-viset. Så börjar de gråklädda kropparna röra sig, snabbt snabbt – likt stora, vackra kackerlackor. För min del hade de gärna fått hålla på hela kvällen. Det är extremt musikaliskt och vältajmat utan att bli trist, och när crescendot rinner in i en sekvens där dansarna får lek-dansa bland virvlande snödrivor påminner det på ett inverterat vis om den legendariske koreografen Per Jonsson. Kort sagt strålande. Liv Landell GT

Koreografi: Charlotta Öfverholm
Konstnärlig collaborator: Tobias Hallgren
Projektioner/video: Anders J. Larsson
Musik: Adel Andersson och Alvina Lanselle

Charlotta Öfverholm Jus de la Vie
Productions Chronology

Akela- chor: Charlotta Öfverholm
Ballade pour un enfant dún fou- chor: Guido Tuveri
L’Ange Gardien- chor: Stephane Boko
Welcome to the world- chor: Stephane Boko


I haven´t laughed since Vienna- chor: Charlotta Öfverholm
Moments of Grace- chor: Guido Tuveri
Flexible While Frozen- chor: Sean Curran
La Chaisse- chor: Val Suarez

Neither- chor: Charlotta Öfverholm
Jag känner mig fängslad…-chor: Guido Tuveri
Nocturne- chor: Roberto Galván
Per Te- chor: Domenico Strazzeri

Rosenblad- chor: Charlotta Öfverholm
Thieves- chor: Michael Foley
Grass is always greener…- chor: Günther Grollitsch
Frau Blaschkes Blumenbett- chor: Helge Letonja

Rosenblad 2- chor: Charlotta Öfverholm
It bo ne nut- chor: Joseph Tmim
Here and then- chor: John-Paul Zaccarini, Charlotta Öfverholm

Veronika- chor: Charlotta Öfverholm
It bo ne nut- chor: Joseph Tmim
Flexible While Frozen- ch: Sean Curran
Derriere la Montagne il y a toujours une petite souris. chor: Carl Portal

2001- JUL
Jul- chor: Charlotta Öfverholm
She was…-chor: Joseph Tmim
A l’aplomp du vide- chor: Carl Portal

Jul igen…- chor: Charlotta Öfverholm
Les Choses de la Vie/ Beautiful explosion- Ziv frenkel
She was…-Joseph Tmim

2003- HOW COME?
How Come? chor: Charlotta Öfverholm
Happy Birthday chor: Joseph Tmim
Music: James Friedman, Lauri Antila, Franz Flieger Stögner

Stella Arauzo, Gabrela Gutarra, Charlotta Öfverholm
SAMI Synfonietta and mezzosopran Karin Lowelius
“El Amour Brujo”

2004- The triple Heel Click
When Dorothy Sang chor: Eytan Sivak
Music: James Friedman, Lauri Antila
Lynn chor: Joseph Tmim, Charlotta Öfverholm
Music: Amit Sen
Direction: Stephen Rappaport

2006- Les Vieux
Music: Lauri Antila, James Friedman
Choreograhy and direction: Charlotta Ofverholm
Lights/stage: Tobias Hallgren
Costume: Sari Nuttunen
Performers: Henrik Bäckbro, Linn Bergstam, Malin Eriksson, Maria Selander, Marcus Doverud, Katja Seitajoki

2007- KODY ZIVOTA- tha last forecast
Concept: Charlotta Öfverholm
Choreography: Jordi Cortes and Charlotta Öfverholm
Lights/stage: Tobias Hallgren
Costume/ mask: Charlotta Öfverholm
Msuic: James Friedman, Lauri Antila
Performers: Tobias Hallgren, Henrik Bäckbro, Charlotta Öfverholm, James Friedman, Lauri Antila

Concept,Chore,Direction: Charlotta Öfverholm
Lights/Stage: Tobias Hallgren
Costume/mask: Sari Nuttunen
Music: James Friedman, Lauri Antila
Dancers: Paula Helander, Catharina Allvin, Elin Hallgren, Stina Ahlberg, Magnus Andersson, Sverre Heidenberg, Cecilia Eriksson, Gorica Volger, Camilla Abrahamsson

2008 SAMI 
Concept: Charlotta Öfverholm
Lights: Toias Hallgren
Costumes: Sari Nuttunen
Music: Sofia Jannok, Peter Svenzon
Choreograhy: Charlotta Öfverholm
Dans: Charlotta Öfverholm, Tobias Hallgren, Elin Hallgren, Adel Andersson

2010 RING of FIRE Norrdans
Choreography: Charlotta Öfverholm
Performers: Erik Constantin, Christian Refslund
Music: Olga

Concept/choreography Charlotta Öfverholm
Lights: Tobias Hallgren
Coustume: Sari Nuttunen
Codirector: Jordi Cortes
Music: Lauri Antila
Performers : Charlotta Öfverholm and Lindy Larsson/ Peter Gardiner

Choreohraphy: Corinne Lanselle
Performers: Charlotta Öfverholm, Tobias Hallgren
Lights: Tobias Hallgren
Music: Alvina Lanselle

2011 FOUND and LOST VerTeDance
Choreography: Charlotta Öfverholm
Performers: Veronika, Tereza Ondrova

Choreography: Dwight Rhoden
Performers: Jan-Erik Wisktröm, Charlotta Öfverholm

2013 4 Feet Under
Choreography: Charlotta Öfverholm
Dancers: Tanztheater Münster
Lights: Tobias Hallgren
Projections: Anders J Larsson

Choreography and idea: Charlotta Öfverholm
Codirector: Jordi Cortes
Light design: Tobias Hallgren
Projections: Anders J Larsson
Music: Alvina Lanselle and more
Piano/Arr A mourir pour mourir: Helen Olofsson
Costume: Sari Nuttunen
Performers: Lindy Larsson and Charlotta Öfverholm

2014 LUCKY
Chroreography, idea, concept, performer: Charlotta Öfverholm
Codirector: Dwight Rhoden
Music: Alvina Lanselle
Pianoarrangements: Helen Olofsson
Music arrangements: Lauri Antila
Light and stage: Tobias Hallgren
Projections. Anders J. Larsson
Rope Choreography: Linnea Backlund


2015 FUCKING BURN IT- Age on Stage

All performers over the age of 45 from The Royal Swedish Ballet, Forsythe, DV8, Batsheva, Cullberg, Complexions and Jus de la Vie.

Participating Artists: Desmond Richardson (US), Amancio Gonzalez (ES), Jordi Cortes (ES), Wendy Houstoun (UK), Talia Paz (IS), Dragos Mihalcea (RO), Marie Lindqvist, Jan-Erik Wikström,  Lindy Larsson, James Friedman, Lauri Antila, Tobias Hallgren and Charlotta Öfverholm (S).

Directed by Charlotta Öfverholm

Beauty and the Beast chor: Martin Harriague
Hasta Donde chor: Sharon Fridman
Composer: Idan Shimoni
Dancers: Rafi Sady, Charlotta Öfverholm
Musicians: Lauri Antila, James Friedman