30/5-1/6 2018 at Dansens Hus

30/5, 31/5, 1/6 – 2018, 19.00, Dansens Hus Stockholm

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STORIES- A Life Cabaret, where age is a plus. 2016 Charlotta Öfverholm started a series of workshops for people at age 65 and over with no prior experiences of dance. It became such a success and all workshops were completely sold out for over a year. We realized it was huge demand for this kind of activities when mature beautiful people have a possibility to express themselves.   – I was nervous, but so were the 35 participants. After 6 days of working together I found such freedom in these mature, fantastic people and life artists, says Charlotta Öfverholm.

Now 22 of the participants enter the stage in the production STORIES with their life stories, sense and body memories and music

Choreography and idea: Charlotta Öfverholm
Costume: Angie Åström
Lightdesign: Tobias Hallgren
Productions assistent: Anna Hjärpe
Photo: Fabian Kriese

Gunnel Ljunggren
Annika Becker
Lars Hällegårdh
Kikka Uusitalo
Brita Frostell
Jan Alpsjö
Marianne Enge Swartz
Manni Kössler
Fredrik Holmquist
Ulla Duell
Birgitta Eklöf
Eva Broms
Monika Gorschelnik
Francine Mirro Finer
Christina Tyden
Annie Axnér Strömqvist
Marie Cederberg
David Finer
Elna Fagerberg
Anita Berger
Elisabeth Holmgren
Birgitta Lindberg